Posted By: Lobster · 1/3/2013 2:45:00 PM

Back during a Thanksgiving Weekend in L.A., and with the help
of some friends in the industry, Flow Communications has released a recording with North Bay
resident Pete Sears (Piano), who you've heard on keyboards and bass with Rod
Stewart, Jefferson Starship, Moon Alice, The Dave Nelson Band and many more.

Although the storm and media has moved on, there are families who have lost everything, or living in shelters, or on the second floors of their devastated homes with no heat or kitchen or even running water.  This is an easy way to help, for less than a dollar. AND, you get a copy of the first song I've ever recorded.

Pete and your Crustacean / DJ recorded a version of "River" by Joni
Mitchell.  It's been released as a fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy Relief,
and available for 99 cent downloads from iTunes and from Google Play.

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