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Consider this the extra hour to the Sunday's show.  On July 2nd, 1976 I left KOME, San Jose as 7-Midnight DJ and Assistant Music Director and signed a deal, shortly before going on the air, to return to KSJO as 6-10pm DJ and Music Director.  Like sports teams, all FM radio stations in any town were owned by separate companies.  Indeed, no corporation, due to FCC Rules & Regulations till 1995, could own more that 8 AM, 8 FM and 8 TV Stations, and no more than one of each in any area.  Led to that good old American tradition called competition.  Like players, "personalities" were considered valueable.  In fact, the last rating period (You could look it up - San Jose Arbitron Spring 1976) at KOME, my time slot had the ratiings equivalent of a clean-up hitter in Major Leaque Baseball who won the Triple Crown, a Golden Glove, ...


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David Letterman moved to CBS after Johnny Carson retired.  Johnny wanted David to be his successor, but NBC wanted Jay Leno.  Was a dealbreaker question in a relationship, Letterman or Leno?  Think David feels like he won the Survivor - Late Night Talk Show Host.  He outlasted Leno.  Now, he can retire.  So, maybe this Summer, I'll consider it.  Funny, once, when I got fired from a San Jose station, one of the DJs told a listener on the request line I had retired.  How did I find out?  Two weeks later, I was on-the-air at a legendary SF Station, and the caller was tuning around and found me.  That was 1980.  

Why am I mentioning this?  Because I play to win.  I want listeners to tune in, and even listen to the whole show, cover to cover, from 10a-3p.  "Faithful Every Sunday" was an SF 49'ers slogan.  From ...


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It was New Year' Eve, December 31st, 1977.  The "new kid" on the block was KMEL 106.  They threw a party at a Nightclub in Sausalito.  Earlier that year, they launched and had put Tawn Mastrey on 6-10pm opposite me on KSJO San Jose, where she had been 10p-2a.  Wild Bill Scott, who passed away this year, was The Camel's Afternoon Drive.  Another DJ playing the party was Dusty Street, who was at KROQ LA at the time.  After Midnight, and closing time, the four of us rode over to someone's apartment, then at dawn, to George's in San Rafael.  Tawn was a great DJ, and didn't know at the time that she had contracted Hepetitis C from a High School Boyfriend in Minneapolis, or she might have gone easier on her Liver.  The catch was, my car was parked at the Nightclub, and I had a New Year's Day ...