Chickenfoot- III


True to lead singer Sammy Hagar's recent promises, Chickenfoot's new album ‘III’ finds the rock supergroup expanding their sound considerably beyond the range of their slightly awkward self-titled 2009 debut.

Of course there’s a fair share of Zeppelin-inspired stomp to be had on ‘III,’ but the band also tries out a few surprisingly direct heartland-style rock songs, as well as a sultry, R&B-influenced bedtime come-on, during the record’s compact 45-minute running time.

Not everything fits together perfectly, but an impressive amount of the material connects in a very strong manner, and it’s clear that the time the band spent touring together in support of their first album has resulted in a much more cohesive sense of chemistry.

Satriani heads deep into ‘Physical Graffiti’ territory on the album’s standout track, ‘Dubai Blues.’ As Hagar lays it on extra-thick, even for him, in the role of a lovestruck billionaire sheik, Satriani busts out an ever-evolving series of funk-heavy hard rock riffs while bassist Michael Anthony and drummer Chad Smith percolate away in double-time underneath. As the song builds to it’s impressively complex and compelling climax, you realize Chickenfoot won’t easily be swept under the rug.

Overall, Chickenfoot’s ‘III’ finds a creative and hungry group of experienced and talented musicians making a loose and surprisingly wide-ranging album full of songs that we can’t wait to see performed live.

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