Jack Blades- Rock 'N Roll Ride


For Rock 'N Roll Ride, his second solo effort, the singing bassist got help from three of his Night Ranger band mates — Joel Hoekstra provides all the guitar solos, Kelly Keagy lends his drumming to a few tunes, and Eric Levy handles the keyboards. But at the heart of it, it’s really all about Jack Blades being as busy as usual. Opening with “Back In The Game,” the song features some captivating vocal harmonies, an ongoing element of this CD. The title track is a little light lyrically but the chorus is catchy with more tight harmonies.

Other highlights include “The Hardest Word,” which sounds like it could be a Cheap Trick ballad (maybe that’s because Robin Zander co-wrote it). “West Hollywood,” filled with even more wonderful harmonies, is such an infectious story I didn’t want it to ever end. For “Anything For Love,” Blades manages a slightly different vocal inflection with some slide support from Hoekstra, played very much in the spirit of George Harrison. Getting a little help from his friends, the ever-busy Jack Blades has turned in a solid 11-song album for the ages with Rock 'N Roll Ride.

Courtesy of Vintage Rock