Hey it's Heather Black...and I am THRILLED to be back on the air in SO. CO.

Just a quick bio: I grew up in So Co....graduated from Montgomery High School...UC Davis with a degree in Rhetoric (the art of persuasion), then Law School...yes I am a lawyer.

I have worked in a zoo, a record store, a convalescant hospital, hot dog stand, as a roadie, in film and TV, and of course, radio. (there are other jobs that I am taking the Fifth on...)

If I won the lottery...I would travel the world and spend time with someone special...

I believe in soul mates but still have not found mine...I don't think.

I have recently decided that I will be me and not who everyone else wants me to be....

I love to play Guitar Hero on the Wii, read and watch movies..dancing is also great.

Someday I will finish writing one of my books or screenplays.

If I was a celebrity they would call me H-Blo....

When it comes to music there is no such thing as too LOUD.

"Nuff said.

H. Black