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Lauren Mark's Video Distractions


Lauren Marks rocks your middays, Monday-Friday, and the odd Saturday, and not only plays your requests during the River Cafe, but she also hooks you up with concert tickets and other cool prizes during River Rock Challenge, Monday-Friday at 11:20am.  Wow, how's that for a run on sentence?
Lauren Marks began her radio career while still in high school in Sacramento.  The actual discovery of radio came about when she discovered her career as a rock star wasn't going to happen.  Aside from the parental units saying "No daughter of mine is going to play rock guitar", she sadly had no talent.  Rather than pout in her room for the rest of her life, she found that radio was a great way to paly all the metal and rock she loved and still could tell her parents to "kiss her ass".  The very first on air experience came with KYDS, a low watt station at El Camino High School. 
Lauren then went on to harass local dj's at her favorite rock station KZAP!  They eventually let her come in as an intern, but told her "don't touch ANYTHING!".  College led to KCSC at Chico State and discovering there was more to music than just metal. 
In 1987, Lauren got her first actual "paid" gig at a local Chico radio station called KNVR.  This is where she spent quality time with Dr. Demento and vowed to never play Dr Demento again...until she got her job at KRZR in Fresno.
KRZR provided the best opportunity to be the rock fan that she is and meet and interview rock stars she idolized.  Some of her favorite interviews were Megadeth, Anthrax, Living Colour, Candlebox, and her very first one with Def Leppard.  Lauren left Fresno for the big city and a job at KFOG, but it was a call in the summer of 1999 that brought Lauren to the North Bay and 101.7 the Fox.  She started out as the morning show producer then middays till 2003 when she was asked to helm the midday slot on the best classic rock station in the nation, 97.7 The River.  And that, my friends, is that!