The Bobblehead Geek

Motley Crue “All Bad Things Must End”

I’ve been a fan geek for all of my life.  I started with posters and colored vinyl, but here I am mid life, collecting dolls….kind of.  If you know me, you know I collect bobbleheads and Funko Pop figurines, and now it seems there is going to be a giant in flux of rocker ones.  I have the new Metallica Funko Pops, but now they’re releasing Guns ‘n Roses, Alice Cooper, Motley Crue , and more!  Sweet!  There are also some amazing figurines that are limited eidtion and the artwork is phenomenal! Motley Crue has a set created by McFarlane Toys and another one just out called “All Bad Things Must End” that include Tommy Lee’s upside down drum kit.



Let’s be frank, I’m not investing in these to make money.  I invest in them because I’m a rocker chick, toy geek….but they make me happy, and when people come to visit the radio station and see them, they like them too.  Yep, my wee cubicle is a side show attraction.  I know it would be cheaper to play Dungeons & Dragons or even Magic The Gathering, but I wouldn’t have such a cool office space….that’s right, I’ve got cublicle bling.

Peace Out!




Here are pics of some you might want to add to your space:


Lemmy Motorhead
Jimi Hendrix


Kurt Cobain, Elton John, & Jerry Garcia