Earth Day 2017 from Pick-N-Pull


Earth Day is Saturday April 22nd, and this year, Pick-N-Pull wants YOU to get involved!

There are a few, very easy, ways for you to participate in Earth Day this year!

Read on below for a list of ways, courtesy of Global Citizen!

  • Get a reusable water bottle: Reusable water bottles can be purchased just about anywhere and they’re pretty affordable! You can purchase a colorful one or buy a plain one and decorate it!
  • Start composting: Composting is much easier than you think! It’s as simple as creating a compost pile in your back yard OR storing all of your food scraps in a plastic bag, placing it inside your freezer, and then dumping it at a compost collecting site when it’s full! Did you know that humans are the only species that willfully avoid recycling what they create and use?
  • Become a better grocery shopper: All those reusable tote bags taking up space in your pantry? Put them to use! Avoid using paper and plastic bags, AND save yourselves 10 cents a bag also!
  • Buy a tree certificate: trees are constantly at risk of being chopped down. You can help prevent that by purchasing a tree certificate! Stand For Trees allows you to protect a batch of trees somewhere in the world that’s at risk of deforestation.
  • Get out and enjoy nature: You don’t have to change up your schedule too much for Earth Day! Just get outside and enjoy what nature has to offer you by going to a park, exercising, or just by taking a leisurely stroll!

Pick-N-Pull also wants you to know that when you buy car parts aT Pick-N-Pull, you help reduce waste in landfills. No other product on Earth is recycled more than an automobile!

On Earth Day, stop by Pick-N-Pull and get a free t-shirt with a $20 purchase while supplies last!