MORE About Lobster

Paul Wells picked up the nickname “Lobster” back in college radio in New York City. It’s one of those nicknames that doesn’t really have a specific origin, people just started calling him Lobster.  Kind of got stuck in his craw.

Barbara Waters might have asked him “If you were a guitar amplifier, what kind would you be?” A Fender Showman. A lot of power in a concise cabinet that “goes to 11!” His favorite moment of each show is where it begins. Declaring “It’s Showtime” before the Monty Python intro to “Question One of our Special Sound Quiz” the song that sets the tone for the musical ride for the next five hours.

Lobster’s been blessed to stay in radio his entire career since moving west to the SF Bay Area.  He’s met and interviewed a myriad of famous personalities, “It would be absurd to point out one proudest moment on the radio,” he says, “there’s too many!”

There was a backstage moment he considers poignant, however. Lobster and Chuck Berry stood outside a trailer before a show at Stanford’s Frost Amphitheater.  Chuck decided to pass along a little extra to one of his “children.” He looked Lobster in the eye and said; “You know, Rock & Roll isn’t deliverance, It’s absorption.”

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